5 lbs Fat vs 5 lbs Muscle


5 lbs fat vs 5 lbs muscle, which is more heavier, have you ever think this. If yes then in this article you will get you answers.

The classic brainteaser asks, what weighs more plenty of bricks or plenty of feathers, unfazed by this childish trickery.


We would answer that they would weigh the same one ton using the same rational could we answer.


Does muscle weigh more than fat?


And this is our question for today pound vs pound sure they would weigh the same.


One pound of muscle weighs an equal together pound of fat.


But if you took a square inch of muscle it might weigh quite a square inch of fat.


Like a square foot of bricks would weigh more than a square foot of feathers.


This question is generally asked by people, that when someone steps on to the size and try to work out, where the weight is coming from.


That’s why we will know this brain teaser with a basic understanding of body composition.


Very simple our bodies are made of many things including muscle, skin organs, fat and bones.


Usually though are body composition is broken down as follows


1) Fat tissues

2) Lean tissues (which is a muscle)

3) Bone

Each of those contribute a percentage to your total weight, they will add up to 100 percent.


For example: What percentage of your body do you think is only a fat tissues 10% maybe 30% or 60%.


Well todays doctors have modern machines that can measure this for us.


The gold standard is called as dual energy x-ray absorptiometry or DEXA for short.


One person can weigh more than the next person because they have more muscle but also they have more fat.


This is why the question does muscle weigh more than fat needs clarification.


What Does Fat Do To Your Body


You need to eat small amount of fat as part of a balance diet


It provides essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins that keep your body working .


But fat is high in calories. One gram of fat contains about double the calories found in one gram of carbohydrates or protein.


This mean eating to much fat can lead to fat gain. So we need to eat a balance amount of fat.


Because if you gain to much fat then that’s lead to various types of disease and you also look ugly.


What Does Muscle Does To Your body


The muscles of your body are types of tissues.


Tissues refers to any part of your body made up of cells at the same time that all perform the same job together.


The types of cells that make up muscle tissues are known as muscle fibers.


When it comes to muscle tissues, the specific job they’re in charge of this movement. They force your muscle help you with everything. Like from walking to carrying your backpack to holding the book, playing sports and more.


Some muscles even work without you knowing it like the ones that help you bleed.


There are three types of muscle in human body:


Skeletal Muscle: It’s move your arms, legs, hands, toes, fingers, and more.


Smooth Muscle: It’s works with parts inside your body such as your stomach and intestine.


Cardiac Muscle: It is the muscle of your heart and it is very important muscle of human body.


If you have more muscle in your body that’s mean you are more fit and living a healthy lifestyle.


5 lbs Fat vs 5 lbs Muscle The Conclusion


The conclusion is simple, if something weigh the same that mean they are equal.


It’s doesn’t matter which have more quantity. But as this blog promote healthy lifestyle so I encourage to gain some muscle in your body.


You look more fit and healthy if you gain muscle more than fat, so always try to keep your body percentage low.


I hope I cleared your doubt about 5 lbs of fat vs 5 lbs of muscle. If you like this article then please do share your thoughts in the comment section.


Thank you




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