Myths That You Need To Know About Coronavirus

Coronavirus In Human

Coronavirus is spreading so fastly in every part of the world like china, Italy, south korea, japan, iran, france, spain, germany, usa etc.

Each and everyone facing problem because of this disease.

Many biggest organization are doing there best for finding the cure but still they can’t get success.

Because of coronavirus, many biggest event are postpone or cancelled.

It Affected Our Life

Let’s find out that how this coronavirus are affecting our life.

You need a mask every where you go, it doesn’t matter you like it or not, you have to wear it outside for yourself. Mask help us from coronavirus.

There are lot’s of myth on how coronavirus spread. So, let’s try to figure it out one by one.

Till today no one actually know that how this disease spread all over the world.

Some are saying that because Chinese eat different types of animal that’s why it spread, some are saying that it is properly made in lab because in this virus we found some particle of those protein which we don’t find naturally.

No one know the truth behind this virus because we only know what Chinese government told us, and we also know that they are only misguide us.

Myths About Coronavirus

First of all this is not so much harmful virus because many people are recovering with this disease.

Till today, the total number of infected people are around 115,000 and in those people 64,000 people are already recover from the corona virus. 4,000 died from this virus.

So this virus is not that much harmful as people are saying, because of that people are getting more panic.

You know that today we are facing the crisis of face mask because people are keeping those mask as a stock and they are selling it at higher prices.

Before the virus spread, there was a doctor in China who tell us about this virus that a new type of virus name corona found in us which we usually found in animals.

After that video Chinese police arrested him that he is spreading rumors to people which is completely wrong. 

After few days people got to know that he is right about the coronavirus.

Now he is no more because he himself got infected by coronavirus.

In the starting when travel is not banned then lot of people from China came to different country and import face mask from there.

People do million dollar business by only selling face mask.

Many country government make clear that if someone found selling mask at double price then he/she would be culprit and they are going to send to jail.


My point is that please only believe on the reports which are published by your country health organization or WHO. Don’t start believing on the rumors or start panic.

Our government are doing there best, so atleast trust them that they will find the cure.

If you want to do something then please take care of yourself.

Follow all the safety majors to keep yourself away from the virus.

If you want to know what you should need to follow then read this article and you will know.

At last I want to say that please don’t believe on the myths because they are only spread for the benefits of the people who are doing business.

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