Benefit Of Intermittent Fasting :- It’s Not A Diet, It’s A Lifestyle

Want to adopt the Fat burning machine method, yes this is what’s that benefit of intermittent fasting.

What is Intermittent fasting

It is not a magic that your body automatically start loosing their fat percentage.

It is a lifestyle, not a diet which you follow and it not based on any rocket science.

If you understand the real benefit of intermittent fasting and you start following it properly, then it will completely change your lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle, that is what a motive of us and this fat burning program will definitely boost your speed on an another level.

It is simple program if you understand it properly.

That’s why I’m writing this post to give you the proper knowledge and show you the benefit of intermittent fasting.

Normally we take heavy breakfast, light lunch and very light dinner, if we are doing fat loss. But, this is not a proper way. Let’s understand the exact meaning of intermittent fasting.

Meaning Of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating style where you eat within a specific time period, and going to fast for the rest of the time.

Mostly you have to escape your breakfast and you have to take lunch snack and early dinner to fulfill your calories.

Let me explain you in more simple way.

Our body have a two state.

Fed State &

Fasted State

In Fed state when you eat food and normally your body take 3-5 hours for the digestion. In those hours your insulin response is high.

On an another state which is fasted state, our body start this state after 8-12 hours from the last meal. Those 8-12 hours depend on the portion of your meal. In this particular state your insulin level is very low.

Difference between in these state are:

In fed state your insulin level is high that’s why your body face a difficulty in producing energy from your body fat. In simple words, it is so difficult for your body to burn fat when you insulin is high.

But, in fasted state you are giving the gap of 8-12 hours.

Because of that your body use your fat for the energy. So, it is easy to burn fat, when you are in a fasted state.

When your insulin level is very low, then your body is very efficient to convert your body fat into energy and burn the amount of fat.

Intermittent fasting takes the benefit of this fasted state and make your body a fat burning machine.

How To Do Intermittent Fasting

The basic intermittent fasting is 16-8 fasting.

It means that you have to do fasting for 16 hours and in the rest 8 hour, you have to consume 2-3 meal for the fulfillment of your calories.

The best way to follow this intermittent fasting is that you eat your last meal at 8 pm.

Now calculate 16 hours from 8 pm and that means your next meal will be serve on the 12 pm of the next day.

Let me explain you in step by step process:

Eat your dinner early (eg: 8 pm at night)

Do your workout in the morning with a empty stomach.

Then have your first meal after your workout.(not before 12 pm because you have to calculate 16 hours from the last meal)

As you are the noobe for this fasting method, so I’m telling you that you are going to face different types of changes in the first week like you are going to suffer from headache, nausea but there is nothing to worry. Because over the period of time, your body is going to adopt this intermittent fasting thing.

It’s a basic thing that whenever we try something new ith our body then it will show some changes in the intial weeks.

All you need to do is continue with it and don’t loose your motivation. Simple rule Dedication is the key to achievement of anything.

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Now you understand that why I said early that Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.

You have to involve this in your daily life. Those who go to school or go for a work then this is perfect for them.

They already have no time for the breakfast, so they can easily follow 16-8 intermittent fasting.

You don’t have face cravings in this method because you are having a 2-3 heavy meal in a day. So it will help you in continuing the healthy lifestyle goal.

When you do fasting then your body heal inflammation and improve your immunity and you are going to more focus and that will result in high performance.

That’s because you hear from so many gurus that you do atleast one day of water fast in a week.

The reason behind this is your body digestive system is get a rest for one day.

But, if you do intermittent fasting then you are going to fast for 16 hours everyday.

That’s mean you are giving your digestive system a proper rest of 16 hours everyday.

You are giving your body a chance of getting heal and increase of immunity everyday.

Next benefit of intermittent fasting is that you don’t need to calculate your calories.

In starting, track your calories for few weeks but over the period of time you automatically start eating those amount of calorie, what your body need to burn fat and build muscle.

If you do this properly then you yourself are not going to crave for fast food.


So, friend this is the proper introduction of intermittent fasting and you can start your journey with this.

But, there is lot more in intermittent fasting like how to train your body, which supplement do you need or full day of eating in intermittent fasting.

I hope that you don’t have any confusion left about the proper definition or benefit of intermittent fasting.

Want to ask something then comment box is down below😊👇👇 

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