Best and cheap diet for weight loss

Nowadays most of the people are dealing with overweight situation which is very harmful for their health. The main problem of this reason is to excess consume of outside food. People who are working in corporate sector are affecting with this problem. They are working day and night for earning money and in their work time they eat so many fast food items which is so bad for their health. They are working so much for the wealth but they forget to manage their health. This is why i name this website Health is Wealth. At the end it doesn’t matter that how much money you make because the real wealth of you life is your health. HEALTH MEANS WEALTH. Not only working people is facing this problem. Even today school going kids are dealing with overweight situation. Kids are someone who can easily attract from anything. Nowadays it become a trend to go out and eat junk food from fancies restaurant. They think that it is so cool to consume those bad calories but at a result they only add weight in their body. I think parents need to motivate them for living a healthy lifestyle rather than supporting them. My point is not that you should stop eating outside food or fast food but you need to understand that Excess of anything is not good and what is good in travelling around with your excess weight. This is true that with those extras weight you are going to loose your self confident and also realize lack of motivation in yourself and also feel nervous while talking to random peoples. Why are you waiting for this day because i know that no wants to carry a lots of weight in their body. So, I’m going to suggest you a diet. Try to follow this in starting of your weight loss journey and it also so cheap so you can afford easily. This is the best and cheap diet for weight loss for beginners.


Morning breakfast

Start your morning with a healthy and tasty shake. All you need to do is to take a 250 ml low fat milk(easily available in local milk shop), one scoup (25g) of plane oats, one banana and one table spoon of peanut butter. Mix everything in the mixture and grind it for few minute and a healthy and tasty shake is ready to drink. OR

You can also take two brown bread and two egg white and one whole egg. Add onion and tomato. Make a omlet. You all know that how to make a omlet.


At Afternoon

You can cook brown rice and a daal in your home. Daal is a good source of protein which your body needs. Take green salad and green veggies with less spices in it. Green vegetable and green salad is high in fibre. You need to consume fibre based food for weight loss. It will help you a lot.


  • At evening :- you can consume 4-5 egg white for protein.

At Night

You don’t need to eat to much in night because after that you are going to bed and won’t do any physical activities. Eat green salad and a cup of low fat milk. Try to eat 2hrs before your bed time that will help you in good digestion. 

  • At the beginning you can start with this diet. Don’t cut your calories suddenly otherwise it will result in weakness. This diet won’t cost you so much it will easily fit in your budget. But most important thing is how you follow this diet. Make a chart and note all the meals you eat in a whole day. You will get the idea that how much calories you are consuming in whole day. You can download any calorie counting application from play store to count your calories. Once you know the details then start cutting 300 calories each week. At the beginning you are going to craving a lot but you need to control that cravings. Always think one thing that you are going to do this for yourself. If today you can’t control yourself from eating those junkies then you will never see a better tomorrow. Set your goal and don’t stop yourself until you achieve the target. 
  • In this article I’m not covering a high level diet or different types of diet. I don’t want to confuse you. So i make the article as simple as i can. I want you to start your healthy lifestyle journey and never start with to much otherwise the chances of failure are also to much. In the beginning you can go with this simple diet. It is the start and always remember that you are not going to achieve your goals overnight. It will give you the best version of yourself. You also need to do cardio for the best result. I’m not going to cover the exercises in this article. But many more article is going to come soon in which i will give you different types of diet,  told you the best exercises for weight loss. Do follow our blog and i will assure you the you are going to live a healthy life. Also share your view about my blogs that will motivate me and i will try my best to post blogs as much as i can.

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