Creatine, Weight Loss And Miss Conception: Use Of Creatine

Can I Use Creatine For Weight Loss

What is Creatine, does creatine is harmful for your body, can i use creatine for weight loss, how it work in your body.

There are dozens of misconception and and myth which I’m going to break today in this article…..

You have to read to the end that’s how you will be get proper information…..

And most important thing, never experiment anything new if you don’t gain a proper knowledge…..

Let’s begin and gain a full pack of knowledge about Creatine..

Lot’s of people make a distance from creatine when they start their fat loss programme.

They feel that by using creatine their body is going to hold water and a result their weight will also gain. 

Uff….Lot’s of misconception in the market and what I say, if you know the proper science about the supplement that how they work and ho your body is going to respond.

According to the science, what I recommend is that you must have to use creatine, if you are running a fat loss programme or a low carb programme and most important, if you are in a kito diet.

Read this article full if you are implementing these programme in your body.

Science Behind Use Of Creatine

Creatine is so useful for you…… Let’s talk something in deep that how supplements works.

Most of you think that creatine is a bulking supplement that is correct in the case when you only collect half knowledge from your so called gurus.

Suppose that if someone recommends you for taking creatine to improve your physics, then you started consuming creatine and after dissimulating it in your stomach then it goes in your large intestine and after that it store in your muscle cell in the form of Creatine phosphate.

When it store in your muscle cell and you will have much more energy and you will able to do atleast 3-4 more reps in your workout session because you get extra energy from creatine.

If you are consuming low carbs and if you are on a kito diet then your glycogen is already so low that’s why you are feeling low.

But then what will be your primary source of energy?

It’s a Phosphagens system, so how could you maximize it?

It will only maximize with creatine monohydrate….. don’t go for fancy creatine which is available in market.

Let me clear that this will only help you when you are in a kito or low carb diet and you are doing weightlifting in the gym otherwise
you don’t get that much result.


I hope you like this article and you know the reason why I’m recommending you to take creatine when you are in a cutting programme.

That’s will become your primary source of energy, that’s what you want for a kick ass workout.

There are lot’s of myth in the market but you should be one who don’t need to follow those myth and always try to learn more.

Specially you need to understand that’s how your body reacts with different types of supplement and you are the one who will know your body better then anyone.

Invest your time, money firstly in yourself. Firstly you need to gain a proper knowledge that will only comes with regular learning.

Learn and implement and stand yourself in the list of those who are born to achieve your goals.

Implementation is very important, that will took you on another level of your life.

For Motivation

As Elon Musk says that failure is the option….. No need of afraid  of anything… If you fail that mean you gain something which you will never repeat again.

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Thank You….

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