Can Keto Diet Is Curable For Cancer !!

Relation Between Keto Diet And Cancer 

What is the relation between keto diet and cancer, does keto diet cure cancer.

We will know each and everything in this article.

Read to the end and you will know everything related to keto diet and cancer.

If you don’t know that what is keto diet then read this ketogenic diet article and you will understand everything.

Now back to the topic….

There have been a lot of advances with the ketogenic diet and cancer.

Now it’s important to note, no matter what, that in no way shape or form is this saying that the ketogenic diet is going to cure cancer.

But it’s important that people understand how cancer cell generally eat.

But, in order to understand we also have to understand how normal cell (non-cancer cell) actually eat.

When I say eat, I mean what kind of things they consume like glucose, fat, how they breath. What metabolic process they go through.

So we’re going to break it all down, but also want to highlight a 2019 study that is pretty fascinating in the world of cancer research and nutrition.

So first thing first, a normal cell in our human body utilizes glucose and combines it with oxygen to create, what is called ATP to create energy.

When oxygen is not present,  what happens is glucose still combines with other processes.

But, it ultimately creates lactic acid as a byproduct.

Now why does this matter when we’re talking about cancer?

Cancer cells don’t do the same thing. Cancer cells take in glucose and directly turn it into lactic acid.

They do this simply because they have a little bit of an impaired mitochondrial ability.

What that mean is, the mitochondria, the energy power house of the cancer cell is a little bit dysfunctional compared to that of a normal cell.

It’s different, it’s mutant. A cancer cell in general is kind of mutant.. right?

Now what that means to us is that they need a lot of glucose to grow. 

They need a lot of glucose to stay alive because they’re inefficient at creating energy and growing.

We often think that cancer cells are very efficient and grow rapidly. 

They do on the surface but as far as the energy that they need to grow, they actually are pretty inefficient.

They take a lot of glucose to have a little effect.

The point is here is that if we for the most part, do deprive ourselves of insulin and glucose to some degree. 

A lot of cancer cell growth ends up stopping.

Role Of Insulin In Cancer 

Now let’s also take a look at something called insulin.

Insulin is a signaling pathway, insulin allows cells to grow. 

It is a anabolic hormone in a sense, it is pro growth.

In a normal cell it allows glucose to come into the cell to grow.

Well it also does that with tumors and with cancer.

If we can slow down the insulin levels and lower those, then we won’t have as much potential cancer growth.

Again, I use these words a little bit loosely because I want to make sure that we’re not saying that this is the end all.

Research Done By Different Organisation

What we have found through lots of different research is that it is largely dependent on the types of cancer.

A lot of cancers respond very well to a keto diet in the sense that they don’t grow anymore.

That’s simply because the cancer cells are so metabolically inefficient. 

They don’t know how to use fats for fuel properly.

Whereas the other cells in our body can use fats and ketones whereas the cancer cells just can’t.

So they end up staying stagnant and sometimes even starving.

2019 Research Which Explain About Cancer Cell And Keto Diet

So now let’s go ahead and talk about this 2019 study because it’s pretty interesting stuff.

This research is post in the journal cell reports in 2019. It took a look at squamous cell lung cancers.

This research is conduct on the mice.

So squamous cells are cancer cells that we now know, really thrive on sugar.

So in some ways, this study was a little bit unfair because it already looked at a cell that we already know that it responds well to sugar.

But, it still really interesting stuff because they found that a keto diet did stop the growth of a squamous cell  (cancer cell).

They also find that if you were just to eat a regular diet with that were consuming their normal chow diet.

Their chow diet is just like almost like a standard American Diet.

So what’s interesting is the Standard American or chow diet, still caused the standard growth.

The cell was able to grow, therefore the cancer cell was able to grow and cancer went along.

Keto Diet Is Curable For Cancer Or Not

So what’s interesting here is that we’re not finding a cure for cancer but we are finding the keto diet could stop some kinds of cancer from growing.

Therefore allowing adjunct treatments to do their job and ketones are exceptionally important here because this is where it comes down to it.

Ketones like the things that you’re measuring with your keto meter right here, the most important piece of the keto diet.

They can’t be used as fuel in a cancer cell or most cancer cells, because they lack the ability at the mitochondrial level.

You essentially starve it. So the same study took a look at individual, people not mice. Those who had squamous cell lung and esophageal cancers.

They found that once again, there was a correlation between high level of glucose and squamous cell cancers.

So showing that even lifestyle factors, just consuming more sugar could be correlated with
squamous cell cancer.

Now correlation does not equal causation but it’s important to note.

But, at the end of all of this, weather a cancer cell or a regular cell can use sugar, fats or beta hydroxybutyrate is a little bit irrelevant because we don’t know all the details yet.


We’re still uncovering so much but, what we do know is at the end of all of this, keeping our insulin levels low is what is super important.

Because no matter what kind of cancer, if our insulin level are high, we are triggering a pro-growth signal.

That can cause a tumor to grow, can cause a regular cell to grow, can cause a fat cell to grow.

At the end of all of it, again insulin is a problem if we have too much of it.

So we can atleast table this to the sense of keeping your insulin levels low gives you a fighting chance in a lot of different ways.

But the research is still coming in at rapid light speed, proving that the keto diet could be a really powerful way to combat cancer.

We’ll bring a lot more detail on this as science unfolds, as we always want to keep you up to speed on the amazing advances of ketogenic diet and the medical community as well.

I hope you get all the information about keto diet and cancer. And there are lot more which scientist are working on.

Stay in touch for all updates and please share your valuable view in the comment section.


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