Did Yo know, What Will Happen To You If You Eat Raw Egg?

Raw Egg Or Cooked Egg

Lots of people eat raw egg and many people eat cooked egg.

They have their own thinking and their own style of intake protein in their body.

In today’s article let’s talk in brief about these two concept, and learn that which is good for you or what can you avoid…. Stay tuned.

Many of you are eating raw egg because of some lack of knowledge or may be the reason you heard from somebody or you are seeing this from your childhood that your ancestors are eating raw egg.

If you are eating raw egg, then what you have to take care of :

Firstly you should know that you will find 6 grams of protein in raw egg, you will find same quantity of protein in cooked egg also.

You will get 5 grams of fat in both raw and cooked egg.

That means, how you may be eating eggs, you will find same quantity of macronutrients in them.

Issue you will face while eating raw and cooked egg :

The major issue is the issue of digestion. You can’t digest raw egg that easy, because it is not cooked and there is the lot of chances that you will face the condition of bad stomach.

On the other side you can easily digest a cooked egg.

The digestion percentage of raw egg is 50% and in cooked egg, the digestion percent is 90%. See the difference.

When egg is raw and you eat it then you know that it doesn’t digest right way, your stomach is going to be heavy because the digestion rate is so low.

The breakdown of protein and fat is also very slow in comparison to cooked egg.

It doesn’t mean that raw egg is not going to digest, it will but the process of digestion is slow and time taking.

It’s your call, you think that what you want to intake. A food with the digestion rate of 50% or a food with the digestion rate of 90%.

I personally want to digest my food properly and I can take another meal in 2 hours if I’m eating cooked egg.

Who doesn’t want to eat something that which absorption power is good and you know that nowadays majority of people are facing the problem of constipation because they eat bad food which directly harm their stomach. Maybe you are the one of them.

Our ancestors used to eat raw egg because they had a capacity of good digestion and didn’t ate pizza, burger and fries, they used to prefer only good and healthy food.

So try to compare yourself with them because they choose to live a healthy lifestyle and on the other side Your priorities are to eat unhealthy food.

It will only take 1-2 second of in taking food inside you but that food is going to bother you for hours if the digestion is not good. You don’t need to go in that process.

cooked egg

Safety : Raw Egg Vs Cooked Egg

Raw egg is definitely not safe and cooked egg is of course safe, 100% safe.

I’m taking about safe then that mean if you are eating raw egg then will also eat the bacteria which is found in raw egg which will result in hair loss for sure.

If you want to keep your hair healthy then stay away from raw egg.

On the other side when you cook that egg then the bacteria is going to finish. It doesn’t matter how you cook, you can boil it , you can make omelet or you can fry it in your pan.

There will be no issue if you eat cooked egg.

If you eat protein in right way, then your hair is also going to be healthy and you will not face the situation of hair thin out or hair loss.


I don’t think I need to explain this in brief. We all know that raw egg is going to taste so bad and on the other side cooked egg is going to taste amazing.

Taste really matter for us and for sure you can’t eat something which is bad in taste and as a result you will going to give up on your diet and you can’t achieve your fitness goal.

The main point is that eat healthy with good taste and you can make you food healthy and delicious if you apply good cooking method. Doesn’t matter what you cook.

So, if anyone is using raw egg then please explain them about this, share this information with them.

If you want to know more food which is good in protein, then click the link below

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Lack of knowledge is not something that help you in achieving your goals.

Take proper and right knowledge.

There is not limit of learning, learn something everyday and apply that learning in your daily life for a healthy lifestyle.     

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