Facing Excess Chest Fat, Here Is The Solution:- Get Rid From Defamation

Excess Chest Fat:- Major issue

People call it a excess fat on chest or male boobs because if you are facing that situation then you need to fix that, don’t know how, need solution to get rid from that? 

Here I’m……

This is so true that people are going to bully you or tease you by calling that a male boobs,

They tease you so bad that even sometimes you feel so depressed and think that your life is worthless.

If you are one of that guy then this article is for you with the best solution you can get to fix that male boobs.

First you have to think of yourself that are you ready to take some decisions in your life.

Decision that is not easy to follow but if you follow, then you will definitely get rid of that excess fat. 

Your chest which is bothering you from the long time and you become the joke for others.

Don’t be embarrassed anymore, I’m telling you the best solution, apply it and get the result.

Reasons For Excess Chest Fat

First you have to know that what are those reasons which is giving you those excess fat in your chest.
It’s your lifestyle

Yes, you are living completely a unhealthy lifestyle. In lifestyle I mean everything.
What you eat, what you do for physical exercise and how you rest and most importantly how is your mental stability right now.
These are the reasons which is making you feel under confident and  you are not able to do good communicate girls and strangers.
A good communication is the key to success and you are facing lack of confidence in you so how could you fix that in your life.
Simple, work on fixing the complexity in you. In this case if you are under confident because of your excess chest fat then I will tell you the  perfect solution. 
Fix your excess chest fat ASAP with me. Read to the end to understand each and every points.

Myth Related To Gynecomastia

Many people think that they have gynecomastia that’s why they are facing this amount of fat in their chest.

That’s not true, yeah in some case you are suffering from that but most of you have only the excess fat because of your unhealthy eating over the long period of time.

Meaning Of Gyno

  • Gynecomastia is nothing, but male boobs.
  • There is the development of estrogen in your chest which look like breast.
  • Gives you a illusion of the man with the breast.
  • It can fix, completely only with the surgery.
  • This is usually the hormonal imbalance in your body while growing up.

Difference between chest fat and gyno

If you see the area on your chest specially under the nipples, it will be very hard and you will feel a little pain while touching there.

On the other side if you have a chest fat the you will feel very soft and no pain is going to feel you.
Gyno is more related to hormonal misbalance and chest fat is because you eat shitty food every time.
Yes, you can easily differentiate between those two thing and if you feel that you have gyno then I recommend you to consult with doctor.
Both situation is because of unhealthy life style.

Solution To Get Rid From Excess Chest Fat

Start getting serious about that. Don’t think that it will go with time because the truth is that, it is going to be worst with the time.

You really need to take actions always if you want the result. You have to start working on minimizing you body fat. Cardio is best for fat loss.
This is the best way to get rid of that excess fat, you have work on loosing your body percentage overall.
chest exercise

There is need to make changes in your diet. You can’t eat any food or outside junk food.
Need to eat food which is high in protein and moderate in carbs.

You should not having to much of carbs but remember, carbs is not your enemy, all you have to know that how to balance macronutrient in your diet.

Train Your Body Smartly If You Want To Get Rid Of Excess Chest Fat

Go and do workout and hit your chest with different angles.

Add weight exercises with cardio and train yourself smartly.

Hit every muscle of your chest, upper, middle, lower and sides for getting a fast and good result.

Don’t focus on only single part of your chest because you can’t achieve your goals by only hitting single part.

You are here to minimize your chest fat so you have to do all exercise right from incline chest press to decline pushups to each and every chest exercise.

Do 6 exercise of chest twice a week with heavy weights (according to your strength). Do high reps and feel the pain.

All Of you know the quote. NO PAIN NO GAIN….

Harden your muscle and with that you have to follow the diet.

Makeup your mind that your 50% of result is going to come with your diet. Without a proper diet you can’t get what you want.

For fat loss you can do various exercises. Start with running for 2-3 km minimum and with the time increase your distance.


So, all of you who have this problem of chest fat, you really don’t need to worry about that or feel under confident, I already told you the solution which will help you in get rid of excess chest fat in you body.

All you need to do is start working on that and by reading this article you already know that what you have to do to get rid of that.

Always use criticism as your motivation.

Take that in a positive way, just think if they are not their to criticize you then you will never feel ashamed and you are not going to get a courage of doing think……

Just thanx the people who tried so hard to demotivate you and told them that YOU CAN…….

Believe in yourself that you can do anything which they never expect and you really don’t care about their opinion.

What We Want

Do this for yourself, not for others because you are the one who deserve to live a healthy life.

This journey of fitness is going to change your life and you are getting all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle……

Join us and comment down below that I’m in…..

I’m in for a journey of healthy lifestyle and also share this with those who are really in need of this.

A share can change someone life….. who knows!!

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