Fast Food Is Injurious To Health

     Injurious To Health

  • Fast food is something we enjoy a lot. Easily available and wont cost you so much and it save your time from cooking. Do you know that how bad is that time saving food is for your health. That’s why i use the word injurious because it harm your body like cigarette. You know that the food you are eating is fresh or not. There are lots of cases happen where the food are 3 to 4 days old and the fast food stall is selling that for some money. They don’t care about your health, they only care about money. You are the one who really need to think about your health. If you are fit then you are going to take all the benefit of healthy lifestyle so you need to work on that. I’m not telling you to stop eating those junk food because i know that not possible for common person. But eat only few times a month and other day eat only good healthy food made in home. Home made food is the best and full of nutrition which your body need. 
fast food vs healthy food

     Preservatives In Food

  • Nowadays lots of fancies restaurant are open. Lots of you also like french fries but you have any idea that how much preservatives they use. Why don’t you do a experiment, made french fries in home and also purchase from Macdonald put it in the two different jar and you will find the answer. The fries you purchase is in a good condition for 5-7 days rather than the other fries won’t survive more than one day. The same condition is with the packed based food. Lots of preservative are used in the food which is definitely not good for your health. 

      Health Issues

  •  Different types of fast food contains high amount of sugar, sodium and fat. People got addicted to those fast food and started eating a lot. It will result in different types of health issues. By taking that much high calories you will obviously gain a lots of weight. There is zero amount of nutrition you found in fast foods. If your body can’t get the proper nutrition then it will cause you several disease in result. These fast food contains high level of fat which increase your body blood cholesterol levels  and that’s high the risk of  cardiovascular diseases. There are several health related issues happen because of excess consumption of fast food like constipation. Yes your stomach condition is definitely not good with those fast foods. You will also face the problem of acne. Sometimes the risk is so high and it will also result in cancer. 
fast food is injurious to health


  • Minimize eating fast food otherwise you know the result. It will taste good temporarily but you are going to pay in future. If that is not so expensive or easily available in market that doesn’t mean you eat a lot. What if your health go into worst condition you are going to hospitalized. The cheap food is going to cost a lot in future for sure. So it’s better to start controlling that habit from now. The conclusion is simple that start consuming food which made in home. You can also try different dishes in your home. I know it take your time but you will not going to crave for fast food anymore. It will control your craving for fast food for sure. Once you start eating the home made food then slowly slowly include healthy meal in your diet and your journey for fit lifestyle is started. If you are interested in diet plan for fat loss then you can read this http://vikfitnesslifestyle.com/best-and-cheap-diet-for-weight-loss/. Be Fit and eat good and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Health Is Wealth

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