Fastest Way To Loose Your Fat:- Proper Beginner Guide Of Ketogenic Diet

What Is Ketogenic Diet

There are lot’s of myth and misconception are going around when it comes to a ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet is one of the best diet for you if you are doing fat loss, but you need a proper information about it.

With lack of knowledge, you only create another misconception in the society.

The major reason for any myth and misconception is that people don’t know the proper science behind that and don’t bother themselves for getting a proper learning and as a result they fail.

But, in today article I’m going to give you the proper knowledge.

So, make sure to read this till end, because half knowledge will never help you in anyting.

Meaning In Depth

So, basically ketogenic diet = super low carbs diet and by super low carb, I mean really super low carb.

There is a serious threshold if you wanna execute the ketogenic diet well.

Some studies say that the ketogenic diet is basically stay below 50 grams of carbs but, with my personal experience when I do the ketogenic diet I stay below 20 grams of carb in a day.

I met a lot of people who say that they are on a ketogenic diet but the truth is that they are only in a low carb diet.

Look, that’s why I say that you need a proper knowledge of anything specially when it comes to your body.

In a actual keto diet you need to track every single calorie which you are eating because a miss balance of single calorie can finish your all diet.

You have to eat homemade food during a ketogenic diet and you are the one who prepare those meals.

You should be in control that what are you eating and you should make sure that you stay below 20 grams of carbs.

The golden rule of ketos is that you need to stay below 20 grams of overall carbs for a day and you have to make sure that all the carbs you are having, you are getting barely any sugar from that.

That’s why we even avoid the things like onions, tomatoes you know anything that has a slightly high sugar content.

You can’t do it if you wanna follow kitogenic diet.

I will cover the diet plan later in this article. There are lot’s of article are going to come realated to each and every information about kitogenic diet.

But in this article  I will explain you proper knowledge about kitogenic diet.

Science Of Ketogenic diet

First you need to understand that, your body favorite energy source is carbohydrates. 

Your body breaks down carbohydrates to glucose and stored that glucose as glycogen into your muscles.

So, in ketogenic diet we are cutting off this fuel source.

So we are cutting off all the carbohydrates first and there are no glucose for your body to drive from carbohydrates so, it turns to the glycogen in your muscles and eventually when the glycogen runs out, this is when the ketogenic diets begins.

There are lot’s of biochemistry which goes on but, you are not learning bio here so, there is no need to go that much deep.

All you need to know that your body starts breaking down it’s own fats stores and converting them to something which called ketone bodies.

This ketone bodies are basically the tiny fuel tank that do the same job as basic glucose that you get from carbohydrates.

Many of you have question in your mind that howz your brain work in ketos period so the answer is simple that one gram of ketone bodies gives you more energy that one gram of glucose. So keep that in mind.

This diet is the most effective fat burning diet in the world. It changes the environment in the bodies and it makes your bodies utilize fat for energies.

So, eventually even the dietary fat, the fat that you are eating can be utilized for energy just the way you are utilizing rice for energy earlier.

There Are The Few Downside Of Ketogenic Diet

Calorie deficit

If you wanna burn fat remember even during ketosis you need to be in a calorie deficit.

Because of that you will face lot of cravings and it is very difficult to control that.

Loose Your Strength

The next downside is that your strength will definitely going to go down.

Remember as with any cutting diet, you loose your weight and when you loose weight then you also loose some strength of your body.

You can’t expect to build much muscle mass while doing this ketogenic diet.

It’s a fat burning diet so this is for those who are willing to do fat loss faster.

Keto Flu

This is actually the main reason why ketogenic diet is such a bad name.

But trust me it’s not that bad like people explain you always.

I’m not telling that you will do it easily, you are going to feel kind of nauseous, or you will face headache and you will feel little bit kind of loosing hope.

But this is because your body is draining your muscle of glycogen.

So you can actually reduce the duration of keto flu if you workout.

If you workout then your glycogen in the muscle will runs out fast and you enter ketosis faster but if don’t workout then your keto flu will last aroung 4-5 days.


So, do workout for more faster resultand it will also help you in living a healthy lifestyle.

ketogenic diet

What Type Of Food You Are Allow To Take During Ketogenic Diet

Any non-veg that is ideally be home cooked.

So, any red meat, chicken, eggs, fish, any of that.

And what great about ketogenic diet that you are allow to take lot of fat from lot of fat sources.

So any oil, ghee, coconut oil, butter etc.

Anything that make your food tastier, you are allow to use that.

So, finally comes in the most important aspects of ketosis is that you have to take vegetables and you have to be super selective about vegetables. You can’t have everything!!

A Quick List Of Veggies                      

So anything leafy  that is spinachcabbage, lettuce, broccoli, zucchini.

Apart from this all the other vegetables that I have not mentioned are little bit dangerous when you are on a ketogenic diet.

So, if you wanna follow ketogenic diet well then these are the vegetables which you eat.

Remember that 20 grams of carb quota is meant only for these veggies.

Yes vegetables are that important, it will prevent you from being constipated from all that meat.

It will give you all your nutrition and it will keep you healthy overall which according to me is the main reason you should be attempting ketogenic diet in the first place.

Bunch Of Food Items Which People Think That You Can Have In Keto Diet But, It’s Not True!!

On the top of that list is cheese. Remember process cheese have a lot of carb and it will put you out of ketosis almost immediately.

Secondly paneer, any milk product generally have some amount of carbohydrates.

So if you want to take ketosis on a next level that I advise to stay away from all dairy products.

Another one is nuts, I know nuts are super healthy fat source but with all that fat you are also getting substantial amount of carbohydrates.

If you wanna execute keto well then keep your nut intake super low.

You also need to avoid peanut butter, for some reason everyone think that you can have peanut butter during ketosi.

There are two kinds of ketogenic diet:

First one is for bodybuilders who are trying to cut down for being bulked up so they want to cut fat and build muscle.

The another is textbook ketogenic diet which is made for the average person who are just looking to burn fat.

Textbook Ketogenic Diet

So, this is what the textbook ketogenic diets looks like, your entire calories for the day which should be below maintenance.

You need a 60-70 percent  from fat, you need 5 % from carb no more , and the remaining you need to get from protein

So, if you split your calorie this way then you will end up burning fat very rapidly.

But, textbook ketogenic diet doesn’t apply to those if you are hardcore gymmer.

For Gymmers

If you workout and and build a substantial amount of muscle mass and then you want to be leaner then your main friend is again your protein goal.

So, during a ketogenic diet if you are looking to burn fat, you just need to hit about 80% of your protein goal and get your remaining calorie from the fat and that will do the trick for you.

Eventually after been on ketosis for a while, you will see that your appetite decreases and then you can even afford to reduce your protein intake and you still keep burning your fat and more importantly you will conserving strength and muscle.

Refeed Days

Now the final concept of ketogenic diet is the Refeed days or carb update.

So, every 10-14 days you have to take a reefed day where you can afford to go upto 400-500 grams of carbs in a day.

Now you got a make sure that none of these carbs are comes from sugar. So, even on these days you have to giveup sugar.

So basically you go and have cheat meal where you can avoid sugar where you can eat rice and burger and you have to eat around 400-500 grams of carbs which is a lot.

But, only once on every 10-14 days, no lesser than that. So that’s all you need to know about ketogenic diet but,  need to say one last thing that if you are not going to do the diet for atleast 1 month then don’t bother yourself.

That’s because in initial two three weeks, the result are super rapid and then lot of people are attempted to giveup.

So, what happen is once you do it for two weeks, you loose a lot of weight including all the glycogen from your muscle and all your water weight and then the moment you go off ketosis, you will put on all the weight again by eating a normal food.

So, unless you are going to do prolong period, a minimum of 30 days, don’t take it out.

Now you need to keep on mind one more thing that ketogenic diet can be done for a maximum of three months, no longer than that and on those three month your diet will be super beneficial for your health.

So all those misconception which you hear,  don’t believe that unless you get a scientific research.  


This is what the motive of this website. We just want to motivate you towards the healthy living.

Healthy Lifestyle is something we all need to apply in our life for a better life.

This is how we enjoy each and every perks which we achieve in our life.

I hope you are liking our content, if you have something to say then please comment down below. That will motivate us.

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