Food That Boost Your Immunity: Top 10 Immunity Booster Food

Boost Your Immunity By Food 

There are lot’s of food that we can add in our diet, to boost our immunity.

But,  we don’t know that much about those food. Let’s discuss…..

Due you have low immunity, due you catch cold every time or due you feel always tired.

You may be facing skin issues or hair loss, well all these are the sign of weak immune system.

Don’t worry if you are facing these type of issue because in this article I’m going to share you 10 foods that will naturally boost your immune system and you will feel a great boost in your immunity.

Papaya Boost Your Immunity 

Papaya is fully loaded with vitamin C because of that we find 157% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin c in the single papaya.

We can find this food at every part of the world easily.

It contain a enzyme called papain which breaks tough protein chain found in muscle chain and help in digestion also.

It also have decent amount of potassium, vitamin B, folate all of which are beneficial to our immune system.

This also have decent amount of other antioxidant and vitamin A.

All these vitamins and antioxidant make papaya a great food for boosting your immunity.


Garlic is a widely use spice for adding a extra flavor to our food.

The second name of garlic is immunity boosting superstar.

From the ancient time people heild garlic as a elixr of health.

This helps in the treatment of common cold, flu and a variety of other illnesses .

Despite it notorious order, this plant actually belongs to the lily family.

Ancient writing show that garlic was show as aphrodisiac in India and that’s a currency in Egypt.

Each segment of a garlic bulb is called a clove. There are about 10-20 cloves in a single garlic.

1 clove of garlic contains 5 milligram of calcium, 12 milligram of potassium and more than 100 sulphuric compounds, which is powerful enough to wipe out bacteria and infection.

You know that garlic was used as a gangrene in both world war.

Raw garlic is the most beneficial for health, since heat and water inactivate sulphur enzymes which can remove garlic antibiotics effects.

It is best for lowering the blood pressure, chloestrol and also kill parasites in our body.

Green Tea

Both green and black tea are packed with flavonoid which is a type of antioxidant.

Green tea really increase the elixir levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), another powerful antioxidant.

EGCG has been shown to enhance immune system.

Green tea is steamed and not fermented, so the EGCG is preserved but in black tea you can’t find this.

This tea treats various diseases that’s why green tea considered as a powerful meditational property.

Green Tea is also a good source of amino acid L- THEANINE. It may aid the production of germ fighting compounds in your tea cells.


This food is supercharged with vitamins and minerals. Packed with Vitamin A, C & E as well as many other antioxidant and fibre.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables, you can put in your tables.

The rich amount of Vitamin C found in broccoli which helps to boost your immune level.

100 grams of broccoli contains upto 89 milligram of vitamin C which is more than a lot of citrus fruits.

This food is also rich in beta-carotene, an host of antioxidant which makes it a perfect vegetables for your overall immunity.

The key to keeping it with full nutrition is to cook it as little as possible or better if you don’t cook.

Out of all cooking method, steaming is best if you want to keep all the nutrition of this super food.


It is another ingredient that many people trusted since ages for treating various types of illnesses. Add ginger on different types of food to boost your immunity.

It may help decrease inflammation which reduce sore throat, joint pains, flu, cold and many other inflammatory illnesses.

It also may help decrease nausea and vomiting.

While it’s use in many sweet desert, ginger packs some heat in the form of Gingerol which is the relative of capsaicin. 

This compound decreases chronic pain and lowers the cholesterol which is according to the recent annual research conducted in Australia.

Ginger helps your immune system, performs optimally by boosting it when it is under active or suppressing it is overactive.

Research also suggest that ginger can also help in fight with drug resistance bacteria also.    


It is rich in vitamins c. It also packed with numerous antioxidants and beta-carotene which increases the infection fighting ability of your immune system.

This vegetable can be incorporated quite easily in your diet and it is cheap as well as easy to prepare.

Spinach is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, Folate and many other antioxidant which are essential micronutrients for your immune system.

Similar to broccoli, spinach is healthiest when it is cooked as little as possible. So that it retains it’s nutrients. However light cooking enhances its vitamin a and allows other nutrients to be released from oxalic acid.

Spinach is also one of the best sources of dietary magnesium which is necessary for a healthy immune system and it also maintain your blood pressure level.

Citrus Fruits

These fruits are rich in vitamin C which are important antioxidant and which have various health benefits.

These fruits are called citrus food because they are rich in acid called citric acid, so they are acidic in nature.

Sources of citrus fruits:

Sweet lime, orange, green mango, amla, kiwi, grape fruits.

These are the important sources of citrus fruits. So in order to consume  these fruits on a daily basic in your regular diet.

It is a very good immune booster and helps you in fight with various infection. Add all types of citrus food in your diet to boost your immunity.

As they are rich in antioxidant called as vitamin C, so they have a very good anti aging effect which is very good for your skin.

Red Bell Peppers

It contain twice as much as vitamin c as compare to a citrus fruits.

Besides boosting your immune system, vitamin C may also help maintain a healthy skin.

It is also a rich source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene helps to keep your eyes and skin healthy.


You all heard this that a apple a day can keep the doctor away.

There are many different reasons that apples are great for building a strong immunity and good health.

First they contain good quantity of all the essential vitamins like Vitamin A, E, B1, B2 and Vitamin C. All these vitamins are essential for proper function of the immune system.

It also contain pectin which is a type of fibre which acts as a pre biotic. This means, it feeds the good bacteria in your belly. Those bacteria directly regulates the function of our Immune system by releasing compounds in the gut that act on a immune cells and modulate there function.

In simple words it help us recover faster from various infection. Add this food in your diet if your seriously want to boost your immunity.

Immunity Boost Food: The Conclusion

These are the top 10 food which can really improve your immunity on an another level.
All you have to do is keep yourself consistence and add these food in your diet on a daily basis.
Consistence is the key to success and that’s how you will achieve your healthy lifestyle goal.
Do share and comment your thought in the comment section…. That will motivate me.

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