How To Keep Your Liver Healthy : A Proper Guide

Role Of Liver In Our Body

Today we are going to talk, that how to keep our liver healthy.

If you are a professional bodybuilder or a common person, this article will help you so much.

Many of the disease will come only because our liver are not healthy.

Liver, Kidney or Heart are the main organs of our body and these are the main reason of any disease which we face.

All three are somewhere remotely connected to each other. In this article I’m going to focus on liver only.

Liver is like the backbone and if it stop working then we are going to screw so badly.

But, best part of it are, when liver damage then it regenerate on its own with the help of meditation and certain food items.

You should know that, whatever you do with your body, weather you use any supplements or food, and whenever it goes in your body, it breaks.

Obviously it becomes liquid in your body and that is the work of liver.

Reasons, Why Your Liver Are Not Healthy

First major reason of liver damage is alcohol, and that is called alcoholic liver.

Because of alcohol your liver stop working properly. It stop breaking food in your body.

Second reason of liver damage is when you got excessive fatty acid buildup in your liver.

This happens when you gain a lot of weight, so try to eat healthy food and so regular exercise

Most of the disease occurs because of the excess weight.

I saw many cases in which people have no idea that their liver is started damaging.

Changes Which You Face

There are lot’s of changes started in your body suddenly like weight loss, condition of bad stomach, started facing trouble with food digestion in your body.

Indigestion is one of the main reason of liver damage. 

You also face lack of sleep, if you are facing these types of problem then please go to doctor and do few body checkups.

Don’t wait for liver damage, there are few things which you can do and in this article I will told you that what should you need to do, to keep your liver healthy.

Adopt These Healthy Lifestyle Things TO Keep Your Liver Healthy

First try to avoid taking medication, there are people who say that by taking liver 52 your liver is going to recover and become healthy soon.

Guys it’s just precaution, you can take but it’s not enough, you need food items also.

Remember that you need to keep your liver in balance with the food items.

Potassium Is Needed

You need potassium in your body. Whenever you take any diuretics in your body like fat burner or anything related to weight loss which dry water from your body.

Diuretics will definitely affect your kidney because it help rid your body of salt (sodium) and water.

Because of that your potassium level is decreasing which means you are troubling your heart which you need to avoid at any cost.

If your potassium level will decrease continuously then it will going to affect your liver next and your liver is not going to be healthy anymore.

You need to balance your potassium level, no need to keep it high or low. Keep that in balance.

How Could You Keep Balance Your Potassium Level

This is simple, you need to eat raw veggies.

You must need to eat raw veggies which include like carrot , broccolibeans or anything which comes in raw veggies.

Raw veggies will keep your body detoxify and because of that your digestion will always clean.

Remember that raw veggies are very important.

Secondly you can do is, if you are on strict diet and you are bored from eating to much veggies.

Then whatever you eat in raw veggies like onions, cucumber etc. sprinkle turmeric on them. It will completely detoxify your body. It’s an anti-inflammatory property.

If something started damaging in your body then turmeric is the best thing to recover. You can also drink turmeric milk.

Last thing you can eat for balancing your liver is banana.

Many of you can think that by eating banana you will gain weight or it will increase water level in your body, that’s not true.

If you wanna keep your liver healthy and also want to keep your potassium level proper balance, then banana is a great source of potassium.

You can eat two banana in a day, specially use those banana as a pre workout.


Guys whatever you do from outside, doesn’t matter how much aesthetics you look.

If you are not healthy from inside or your organs are working properly or not then no physics can help you in a long run of life.

All you need to do is eat healthy and do meditation and workout to keep your liver healthy and fit.

I wish you will never face this situation, but you need to take precautions if you don’t want to see that.

There is nothing good in keeping yourself fat, work hard and achieve your dream physics.

Take actions because action speaks louder than words.

Comment and share if you like this and want more article related to these problems.

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