Why Cardio Is Necessary For Weight Loss

   Why Cardio Is necessary

  • Today in our society huge number of people are facing the situation of over weight. They want to loose their weight. There is lots of benefit of cardio, it is so necessary and it play a major role in your weight loss journey. Everyone want to look good and no one want that their weight increase so much. Due to over weight people also loose their self confident and feel shy while talking to random people. They are so much uncomfortable in front of random peoples. 

      For weight loss :- 

  • If you want to do weight loss then cardio is best for you. In this blog I’m going to discuss about the benefit of cardio. I personally loose 20 kg by doing cardio and follow proper diet plans. If you want to understand the importance of diet then you can read this http://vikfitnesslifestyle.com/best-and-cheap-diet-for-weight-loss/ . Friend if your goal is to loose weight then you have to burn your calories more than you take calories in whole day. You have to do lots of physical exercise and sweat as much as you can.
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   Exercise you need to do :

  • In cardio you have to start your exercise with running at average speed. Cover the distance as much as you can. After running you have to do high calories burning exercise like high knees, jumping jacks, squat jump, burpee etc. These exercise help you a lot in burning calories. Comment down if you want a specific blog on cardio exercises. You can purchase a fit watch for the tracking of you calories. It wont cost a lot. You need to track the calorie which you intake. Take help of app name https://www.myfitnesspal.com/. This app is so helpful and it help you so much in managing your diet plan according to you fitness goal.
  • In simple words calculate your calories everyday and prepare your meal according to that. You have to measure your food. You have to measure the accurate amount of protein,carbs and fat in your food that how much your body need everyday if your goal is weight loss. 
women doing cardio at home
  • I hope that you understand that why cardio is necessary if you are doing weight loss or fat loss. Cardio also improve your muscle flexibility and you feel so much energetic. You don’t need to join gym for cardio, you can do cardio exercise at any ground or also in your home if you don’t have that much time. I always say that health means wealth and this true my friend because you will only enjoy your wealth in the right way when you feel alive, when you feel energetic. A healthy lifestyle can make your mind healthy and that enhance your thinking capability which is so useful in your daily life. You need to balance everything for a good lifestyle. So what are you waiting for do your best investment. Invest on your body. 
  • Health Is Wealth

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