Importance Of Yoga And Meditation

Why We Have To Practice Yoga And Meditation

  • Today I’m going to cover one of the best content of my blog, that is yoga and meditation. Meditation is something I recommend everyone, no matter what age group are you from. I always talk about this in my previous articles and every time I said the importance of meditation. But, today I’m going to discuss in detail, why meditation is important for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Those who practice yoga and meditation in their daily life, their mind is more calm and stable than others who don’t practice it. Nowadays research are proving that it does much more. It can be particularly effective in older adults who may be experiencing problems with their memory. The researchers researched on the small group of participants who are 67 years of age and older, all of whom had mild cognitive impairment. It compared the simple yoga and meditation to Memory Enhancement Training (MET) to see the impact on memory.
  • All the participants practice the MET and they found themselves so good and problems which they are facing with their memory are recovering day by day. In this era of technologies, we forget to live our life, we are working day and night for earning our livelihood. But, if you want to work for a long time then you must have to stable you mind. 
  • Mind stability is the major factor of why you can’t think and grow in you life. A healthy lifestyle is something everyone have to live, that’s the only way you really enjoy whatever you earn in your life. Be happy, it’s your right, don’t take to much pressure of your work because it will going to destroy you professional as well as personal life. Make yourself live with peace and meditation is something which make you feel calm and relax.

Detailed Discussion About Yoga And Meditation

  • From millennial old spiritual practice to modern staple of self-care, the art of meditation has a long history. Weather you are seeking enlightenment or just need a break from the madness of the outside world.
  • The act of sustained inward focus can be an amazing experience, but just because your mind is calmed doesn’t mean your brain is on break. Infact the active meditation has a measurable effect on the activity of your brain.
  • If you are new to meditation you might begin, by trying clear your mind and focus your attention.
  • Perhaps on your own breathing, the sensation of your skin or maybe a single thought as you do this the brain natural rhythms called brain waves begin to shift, beta waves the choppy rhythm associated with active thought gives way to slower alpha waves prevalent during relaxation.
  • Experienced meditators can also produce stronger gamma waves during meditation which are associated with deep concentration.
Importance Of Yoga And Meditation

Health benefit of meditation                     

  • In your busy schedule if you can’t get time for workout then you can add meditation and yoga for your physical and mental exercise. There are lot’s of health benefit of meditation, all you need to do is start doing meditation and the result automatically comes in your way. By doing meditation, it will heal your body, mind and soul.


REPLIED BY LORD BUDHA: “Nothing however let me tell you what I have lost- Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity and Fear of old age and death.

  • Today there is the major issue that most of people are facing, called depression. You want to know the quick way to get rid of that, start doing yoga and meditation. It helps you in lowering the depression rate and you will going to see the result soon. If you want to know that how can you deal with depression in brief, then read this article HOW TO DEAL WITH DEPRESSION.

Let’s talk some health benefits:

  1. Meditation reduces pain and enhances the body’s Immune system.
  2. It reduces feeling of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion in life.
  3. Meditation provides a sense of calm, peace and balance in life.
  4. It will help in controlling thoughts, increases energy and reduces stress.

  • It is way of life, include it and you will see a new you which is more mature and who really know that how to deal with problems.

I think these reasons are enough for you to get motivated and like I always say that everyone deserve to live a healthy life. All you need to do is, start taking actions and you will start getting the result. No matter what you do in your life, if you are not mad enough to achieve that goal then you will never achieve that. I can only say you the benefits of these things but you have to prepare yourself, you have to make yourself that much strong to live a healthy life and achieve your every goals. You also need to control you diet if you want to read diet related article then you can see this :

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This is one of my favorite topic, what you think……. Do share your view and please tell me that this article is useful for you or not…. Like my bio say… ready for both appreciation and criticism.


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