Importance Of Macronutrients


  • Macronutrients are the nutrients which is compulsory for our body for energy, the main macronutrients are protein,carbs and fat. We take macronutrients in our body in form of calories which comes from the food. The right amount of macronutrients is very important for functioning of the human body. Almost every food has the three macronutrient. We have to understand that how to balance the diet because if we can’t take the nutrient according to the need of our body then we can’t get the energy and always feel so tired and weak. 
  • In our busy schedule we don’t have that much time so we can’t take proper diet according to our body need. We eat so much packed food and outside junk food. We take so much bad fat and carbs and their is lack of protein in our diet. It is so important to take the right amount of everything in our body.


  • In today lifestyle people eat lots of thing which is easily available and not take to much time. But there is lack of protein in your diet. Let’s discuss why protein is necessary for our body.
  • Protein is very much essential for your body. If you want to maintain your health and want to be fit then you need minimum 1gram of protein for 1kg of body weight. Suppose if your body weight is 70kg then you atleast need 70 gram of protein everyday. There are many food available in market which is a good source of protein. 
  • 1 gram Protein = 4 calories
  • Measure your entire day calories and count your protein according to that. Protein is the best source of nutrients for muscle growth. It plays a vital role in muscle building. 
Protein carbs and fats


  • Carbohydrates is the another important macronutrients. In the phase of weight loss most of the people stop taking carbs because they think that carbs increase their body fat. Due to lack of knowledge people started doing lots of experiment with their body and that affect their body also.
  • Yes, this is true that we have to reduce carbs in our diet but in a proper way. You can’t cut your carbs immediately, you have to prepare a chart and according to that prepare your diet and made changes whenever you achieve your sort term goal. You can consult to your gym trainer for the good guidance otherwise you will started cravings because you cut your carbs suddenly and that will definitely distract you from your fitness goal. So, do thing but after getting proper knowledge of that thing.
  • 1 gram  Carbs = 4 calories
  • Balance your carbs and protein according to your diet. Take high amount of protein for a good result.


  • Fats is also as important as other macronutrients. Lots of people think that fat is not good for health but this not true 15-20% of fat your body need of what you consume in whole day. A good source of fat is very important for brain development and help in protecting our body organ from disease. 
  • 1 gram Fats = 9 calories

  • I hope that you all understand the importance of macronutrients and why there is the need of macronutrients in human body. It is so important to consume the proper amount of macronutrients according to the need of our body. If you are a gym going person then the amount of macronutrients depend on your goals. Some people go for weight loss and some go for muscle building. I hope that i cover all of you doubts and myths related to macronutrients and if you still have some questions then you ask me in comment box. If you like this artical then please share this on your social media accounts it will motivates me a lot.

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