Top Non-Vegetarian Protein Sources

Non-Vegetarian protein sources are the best source of lean protein. Protein is very necessary in our diet.Protein is that macronutrient which repair our body daily, helps in the growth of the body and also nourished our skin and hair. A common man who don’t do workout and have a sitting job. They also need protein 1 gram for every 1kg  of body weight. If you do workout then the protein requirement of your body increases for a good muscle growth and for good fat loss. That’s why I’m covering top non-vegetarian food which is a good source pf protein and those food can easily fulfill the requirements of daily protein in your body. 

Non-Vegetarian Protein Sources :-

1. Fish (White Fish)

  • White fish is the good source of lean protein. Lot’s of love to eat fish and they enjoy so much the taste. But are aware that a white fish is a very good source macronutrient. In white color fish you can find a high amount of lean protein and no carbs and very less amount of fats. Different types of white fishes are :-

       (1) Telapia
       (2) India Pomfret
       (3) India Salmon

  • The fat you find in the fish are unsaturated fat which is healthy for our body.
  • 1 Serving of white fish = 100 grams It contains :-
  • Protein = 25 grams
  • The protein you can find in white fish are high quality protein, complete protein and you can include it in your diet for 1 – 2 times in a week. This is a very good souece of non-vegetarian people.
white fish Non-Vegetarian Protein Sources

2. Chicken Breast

  •  If you are a non-vegetarian and you don’t like to eat chicken It’s impossible. There are lots of tasty dishes made by chicken. You know that chicken breast is the best source of lean protein. A chicken breast can easily fulfill the requirements of protein in your body per day. 
  • 100 grams of boneless chicken breast contains :-
        Protein = 25 grams
       Carbs = 0 grams
       Fats = 0 grams
  • Only include chicken breast in your diet. You can only get protein in the chicken breast which is a lean source of protein which helps a lot in muscle building and fat loss.

chicken breast

3. Egg Whites

  • Not only non-vegetarian people but there are lots of vegetarian people who loves to eat egg. In fancy way you can called them eggitarian. White egg is the good source of protein and it also wont cost you so much. 
  • 1 egg whites contains :-

       Protein = 4 grams
      Carbs = 0 grams
      Fats = 0 grams

  • It is a lean source of protein and a complete source of protein and it get assimilated fast.You can also take egg whites as your post workout for a good muscle recovery and growth. A whole egg whites contains 6 grams of protein but I recommend you to eat egg whites because in whole egg you will consume fat which is not a healthy fat.


egg whites Non-Vegetarian Protein Sources

4. Turkey Breast

  • This is also the good source of protein. You can include this also in your diet according to your need. 
  • per 100 grams turkey breast contains :-
       Protein = 24 grams
      Carbs = 0 grams
      Fats = 8 grams

turkey breast

  • Hope you like this, also if you have any query then fell free to ask in the comment section and also write that on what topic you want me to write for you.

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