Skinny Fat To Fit

What is Skinny Fat And Why You Not Look Fit With Lean Body 

Let’s understand today that how will you transform from skinny fat to fit. 

It is not a body type, but this is one of those conditions of body which most of the people don’t like, . 

You look so skinny when you wear cloth but when you are shirtless then you can the excessive fat on your body.

This is because your body percentage is high in comparison to the muscle you carry. 

Chances of high skinny fat is when your body can’t put muscle mass easily and you don’t do workout but eat lot’s of outside food which is definitely not good for health. 

Solution That convert you From Skinny Fat To Fit

Most of the people are so confused that what to do to get rid of those skinny fat. 

How could they plan their workout?

Should they have to do bulking or cutting? 

First bulking then cutting is not the bad option but right now we are talking about those common people who don’t have a goal to become a bodybuilder. 

They only want to look good and fit and want to get rid of skinny fat. The only want to enjoy their healthy lifestyle. 

So, according to me our all time goal is to improve our overall body composition. 

That is only possible when we increase our muscle mass and low the percentage of body in our body

The more you put on muscle, the high you loose your body fat percentage in your body.

Our all time goal is to look always lean, athletic and muscular

So, I’m going divide the Skinny Fat To Fit solution in three part.

  • 1.  Workout
  • 2.  Nutrition and
  • 3.  Rest


Workout To Get Rid Of Skinny Fat And Become Fit 

The biggest mistake people do while loosing skinny fat in their body is that they don’t do resistance training. 

So, don’t do that mistake and focus yourself in doing weight training. 

Do not include lot’s of cardio in your training. Resistance training helps you a lot in putting up muscle mass in your body. 

As you are beginner so, I recommend you to do workout 5 days a week and give 2 day for the recovery of those muscle which you break during the workouts. 

Hit one muscle every day and try more to do compounds movements like Squats, deadlift, bench press. 

Don’t miss those exercise if you want to see some serious result. Don’t do long duration workout. 

Train yourself smartly and do regress workout of medium duration. Do workout around 45 – 60 minutes and try to lift heavy weights. 

Heavy weights means, according to your strength and try to increase weights in every 1-2 weeks. 

You have to do 5-6 exercise of each muscle group you train. 

These are the few things you have to take care while doing workouts.

Cardio :-

Let’s talk about cardio, as I mention before that you don’t need to include lot’s of cardio because ultimately your goal is to increase muscle mass. 

Do 2 times of cardio in a week, not more than 15 minutes. Do sprints for the better result and it will heat your body.

After weight training do the cardio and you can also train your abs like that. 

Prepare a proper chart of your workout routine. 

  Nutrition Is The Key

Proper nutrition is very important for the better result.

Your first step is to write down your maintenance calorie and after that keep your diet in minor surplus. 

Suppose your maintenance calorie is 2,000 and you have to do minor surplus in your diet that mean start eating 2,200 calorie in a day. 

Do not eat anything for the fulfillment of calorie like sweets, junk food etc. please don’t do that, don’t go for dirty bulking otherwise you only gain fat not the muscle mass in your body. 

I will suggest you to keep 4-5 meal a day according to your requirements. 

Keep that in your mind that your meal are going to high in protein, well balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. 

We all know that for muscle building, our body needs the macronutrients more than anything. 

So, keep protein 1.5-2 grams for per kg of your body weight. 

Suppose that your body weight is 60 kg then 90–120 grams of proteins is enough for you. 

For carbs, include whole wheat food in your diets. 

Whole wheat products are full of complex carbs which give your body energy. 

You need to keep your diet clean and balance for the better result. You can take the help of  MyFitnessPal for the preparation of diet chart.

Rest Is The Important Factor

Lot’s of time happen that you do workout and take good diet but you are not getting the result. 

Generally the reason behind this is that you are not taking the proper rest. 

Rest is the easiest part, all you have to do is to maintain proper sleep time at the night around 6-7 hours.


That is enough for you, if you follow all these guidelines properly. 

I’m assuring you that you are definitely getting rid of the skinny fat problem and live a fit life and also gain some decent muscle in your body in few months. 

So start taking your actions if you are serious about achieving your fitness goals.

Also comment down below if you have any query related to the post. 

Tell me that on what topic you want me to publish article in future. I will definitely publish that for you. 

Thank you 

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