Top 6 Best Cardio Exercises For Fat Loss: Number 4 Is A Body Blaster

Why You Read This Article

In this article I’m going to cover best cardio exercises for fat loss and these exercises are so effective, if you follow regularly.

Most of us definitely had a goal of fat loss once in a life. I gone through the same situation that’s why I know.

And believe me because of lack of knowledge we always do silly mistakes.  

Big belly is something everyone hate and they want to loose there fat percentage and want to make their body in shape.

Read this article to the end for a proper knowledge which you can apply for a better result.

You will get a proper guide which you can apply by yourself and don’t need anyone.

Definition Of Cardio

Cardio is the best, if you want a faster result for fat loss. If you want to burn more calorie in your workout session then this is best for you.

Running, Cycling, Swimming, playing sports and many more activity which help you in burning your fat is count in cardio.

In simple words, we need to do cardio for fat loss or weight loss and it will make our lifestyle healthy which is our only motive.

Cardio A Stamina Booster

Your stamina is also going to increase alot if you do cardio on a regular basis.

This is not a overnight process, you have to spend in your time and you will see result for sure.

If your stamina increase then you are definitely going to enjoy your healthy lifestyle and you don’t feel that much tired by spending a hectic day in you work places.

A good stamina is something everyone need and if you started your fitness journey then increase in stamina is going to take your fitness journey on an another level.

Role Of Diet 

As I always say that diet play a important role in your fitness journey. So make sure to calculate your calorie and balance them according to your goals. Use MyFitnessPal, it will help you a lot in preparation of your diet chart.

You have to decrease the amount of calorie you consume, if you are in a fat loss programme then you have to burn your calorie more than you consume a day.

By consuming calorie, I don’t mean that eat whatever you want. Make your diet which is high in protein and moderate in carbs and healthy fat.

You need a balance of everything in your diet for the best and fast result.

I’m going to tell you, top 6 cardio exercises which you can apply for a faster result. Stay tuned……

Top 6 Best Cardio Exercises For Fat Loss

Skipping Rope

best cardio exercises for fat loss

This is one of the effective exercise which you can do. Do atleast 500 a day, it will heat your body and make you ready for a kick ass workout. In starting you may be face few problems in doing skipping.

But, once you do for few times, you will going to enjoy a lot. Try to do as much as you can with a average speed.

There are so many types of skipping you can, once you mastered the basics techniques.

I’m not going to write a long detailed about the types and techniques.

Don’t want to make bore to my valuable readers. If interested then check skipping techniques.

Knee Ups

best cardio exercises for fat loss

After doing skipping ropes, immediately start doing knee ups exercise on a average speed.

You only have to draw your knees up to the lower abs portion. Touch your lower abdominal with your both knees one by one.

You can do knee ups exercise with different ways, but in this guide you have to do this exercise in a standing form.

This exercise also help you a lot in reducing your lower belly fat and a good development of your legs.

Reps: 50 reps in one time

Sets: 3 set back to back

You will see your result in weeks and if you are taking a proper diet then you may be see results in days. So, don’t skip this.

Mountain Climber Hops

For doing this exercise you have to lay down in the position of pushups and pull your knee in toward elbow. Keep your both knee work alternate.

Don’t do this to slow because you desperately want result.

So, atleast do it with a average speed and sweat your body as much as you can.

This exercise directly effect you abdominal and help you a lot in losing your abdominal fat, specially the lower side.

This exercise also effect on other body part like obliques, chest, shoulder and butt.

Reps: Do 50 reps in one time

Set: do 3 set in a row


If you are serious about your goals and want to see result then I strongly recommend you this exercise.

This is my favorite cardio exercise because it is a full body exercise and it will make your whole body heat up.

It will blast your body and you will really going to feel the pain in your body and that means it will give you the best result for sure.

It will break your whole body muscle perfectly, take proper diet for a best recovery.

For doing this exercise you have to:

Stand straight and go down to the floor and do pushup.

Bend your both knee to the chest and jump from the floor and touch the skyb with your both hand.

You have to do this in a flow.

Reps: You have to 10 reps in one time

Set: Do 3 sets in a row


Squat Jacks

This is the advanced version of jumping jacks but you can get more result by this.

This exercise will direct effect your legs, butt and calves. Many people skip their legs exercises if you are one of them, then include these types of cardio exercises for the leg development.

How to do

Start with squat with feet shoulder width apart, hand overhead.

Jump up bringing hands down and feet together

Jump to return to squat position and repeat until the set complete.

Reps: 15 reps

Set: 3 set back to back


Floor To Ceiling Jumps

This exercise is also very helpful and you need to add this in your cardio exercises. It will effect your calves, legs and butt.

This is so good for the lower section of your body. It is a stamina increasing exercise.

You have to do go down to the floor and jump up and land back with the soft knees.

Reps: 15 rep in one time

Sets: 3 set back to back   

Note: All the set and reps I recommend to you is for the beginner. If you think that you can do more then adjust these exercise according to your stamina.


All these exercises I mention is very effect full if you are beginner or intermediate.

Please take care of the right form because wrong form can result in minor injuries.

All these exercises is more effective when you are in a proper diet. A good diet is a key to achievement, your fitness goal.

These top 6 best cardio exercises is going to change your life in just months.

No wrong hopes it’s true, if you follow step by step as I told you then loosing your fat is not a big issue anymore.

You may be thinking that how could I say this to you……

It is simple, I only told you those things which I personally tried. I saw the result that’s why I got the courage to share this with you.

The motive is simple…..

Inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle and if anyone of you inspired my blogs then I will know that I’m on a right path and doing the right thing.


Comment your view about my article…… A honest review, all I want in return. It will motivate me and encourage me to publish more good content to my lovely audience.

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