Why Women’s Health Are Important Than Anyone :- Read This And You Will Know

Why Women’s Need To Get Serious About fitness and health

Women’s are the back of our family but, why they don’t care for their health and fitness?

They are taking care of each and every member of the family.

But, when it comes to them they usually don’t give so much attention.

This is really not good for them as they are also human and if women’s don’t start paying attention to their health and fitness then there are lots of problems which they will face in future.

Without women’s I can’t think that our any work is going to complete.

Personal Experiences

As my personal experience I can say that I’m not able to find my bike key without the help of my mother.

Not only key, anything which I need…. My mom gives me and I see her from my childhood that whatever she do, she do for her family, for her children and for her husband.

My mom is a teacher and after spending her 7 hours in school, she also manage to take care of all house work.

From my childhood I see her waking at 4 am in morning and prepare the meal for us and after that she go to her job.

I know that many of you can relate from my words and also feel this in your life.

Not only mom, you can see your wife, your sister and also someone in your friend circle.

Just think once that what she will do for you everyday and Is she taking care of herself in the same way she take care of yours.

You know the fun fact that heard from many people that his mom/wife/sister is do nothing. She is a housewife.

I might be wrong……

But, the one who wake up first in the morning and start doing their work and also the last one to eat food and also she is the last one to sleep.

So, how could she is doing nothing? If anyone have answers…. then please tell me.

Empowerment of women is something which is very important but I will not go in detail explaining that you can read Women Empowerment Series for details.

But, what can I write……??

Of course I’m a health and fitness blogger so I can explain today that what can a women’s need to do for a healthy lifestyle.

I will keep it so simple that they can follow easily and live a better life.  

Why Women’s Need To Do Exercises For Their Health And Fitness

I’m telling you few exercises which you can do from your home daily and you will definitely see the result.

You don’t need to go anywhere, all you need to do is give your 20 minutes daily to the exercises I suggest.

In starting you will feel pain in your body but, it’s natural. Do exercise regular and the pain will gone before 1 week.

Fitness And Health Exercises For Women’s are:-

Squat :                 

You need to do atleast 30 squats daily. Do 3 set of 10 rep each.

Squats are good for your thighs and glutes and doing squats regularly, will increase your stamina.

All you need to do is keep your both leg in same portion, go down and stand back.

So ladies, what are you waiting for, start doing this exercise.

Sit ups

You need to do sit ups, it is good for your abdominal and help you in loosing your belly fat. You can start with 40 sit ups of 10 rep on each set.

Belly fat is something which is a serious issue for any women’s, so this is the one exercise you can try and you will also get result.

All you need to do is Lie down on the floor with the back side and then bend your legs and the curl your upper body towards your knees.

That’s how you can do sit ups.



Stretching is something which is very important for your body. As you work whole day so you need to do this.

It will increase your mobility and you will feel more active and with the time your mobility will increase and you will become more flexible.

 You can do many types of stretching for the different part of your body. Read this how to do stretching for the detailed information.



Yoga is very important for the relaxation of your mind. It will stable your mind and you really need this.

Mental exercise is also as important as physical exercise.

Read my detail article about Importance of Yoga for the better knowledge and it will clear your all doubt.

After doing these things, if you have more time then you can do more cardio exercise or keep changing your exercise every month.

You can see this Top Cardio Exercises for knowing more great exercise which I mention there and you can do those exercises also from home.


No need to go anywhere just show your little bit dedication and boom, you are living a healthy lifestyle. 

Women’s fitness and health

Diet For Women’s For Their Health And Fitness

For a healthy lifestyle you need to eat healthy.

The goal of women’s fitness and health will totally complete when they add food in their diet which is completely clean.

You need to avoid outside food. Those food are not good for your health.

I’m not saying you to follow any fancy diet because I know you all are so busy in your life and it is not possible for you.

But, add some food in your diet which is high in protein. You can fulfill you protein requirement from both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food.

Avoid junk food, eat healthy homemade food, drink fruit juice and you will achieve your goal.

You need to show some dedication and all tips which I share, believe me it is not that much difficult you can do all these things from your home.

No need to join any gym or aerobics class if you don’t have time.



We need to encourage our family ladies towards a healthy lifestyle.

A little support from us can change their life and they will completely get rid from several health issues.

Women’s health and fitness is something we need to encourage and try to motivate them to live a healthy and wealthy life.

If you all are agree to me and from my thoughts towards women’s health then please share this article to all the ladies of you home and from your friend circle……

They deserve to live a healthy life but, right now they are not that much motivated.
So, it our responsibility to encourage them and help them to achieve those fitness goals.

Also share your thoughts about women’s fitness and health in the comment section and share your experiences if you have one.

Thank You. Health Is Wealth!!

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